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Error when sending emails
Hi! I get this error when I send ANY email:

Die Nachricht konnte nicht gesendet werden, da ihre Größe das Serverlimit übersteigt. Sie können die Option unter "Extras | Konten | Eigenschaften | Erweitert" verwenden, um die Nachricht in kleinere Teile aufzuteilen. Betreff 'Fw: Rhabarber-Erdbeer-Kuchen', Konto: 'KabelBW Rita', Server: '', Protokoll: SMTP, Serverantwort: '552 5.2.0 XXRb1v00g3NTRQd01XRcJS automated process detected unsolicited content', Port: 25, Secure (SSL): Nein, Serverfehler: 552, Fehlernummer: 0x800CCC6D

I don't care if this specific email(Fw: Rhabarber-Erdbeer-Kuchen) could not be sent! The mails I send go out now as normal but this error popping up always when I send a message is just awful..
How can I fix this?


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That error (552,0x800CCC6D) means that one message that is going to be sent, has rachec the size limit.
Messages are being sent one by one, so you cannot send any other message because that one is blocking all others to be sent.
Go to your "Outbox" folder and find that message and delete it, or start deleting from top to bottom until error stops showing. then try to send again.


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