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Comcast OE sent Emails Not Being Received
Hi Rafael,

Thanks for getting back.

To answer your questions and comments . . .Yes SSL is checked for the SMTP Server connection . . . Yes I have added SMTP info separately . . . Yes, my full email address is my Account Name.

I just tested it again and confirmed that when sending a message with the Comcast SMTP Outgoing server, it does not arrive to non-Comcast recipients (in this my Bluehost and Gmail email addresses).  It works fine using either Google or Bluehost SMTP Outgoing servers

Note that I live in California and there is one curious caveat:  A message sent using the Comcast SMTP Outgoing Server was sent a few days ago to Gmail recipient in Florida and they actually received it.  Perhaps different relaying servers behave differently and in this case the message arrived okay . . . I can't explain!

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