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Comcast OE sent Emails Not Being Received
Emails from two different Win7 machines & from one Win10 machine with Comcast addresses sent to Bluehost & Gmail addresses are NOT BEING RECEIVED when using OE 6, v.2.1.1.  However, a REPLY back to Bluehost and Gmail addresses IS BEING RECEIVED.  And, Comcast to Comcast is okay.
The same Email messages sent above ARE BEING RECEIVED when using OE 6 Original on a Win-xp machine . . . or, when using Comcast (Xfinity) Webmail on Win7.
I reinstalled v.2.1.1 but it didn't correct the problem.  Should I reinstall with v.2.2.0 or v.2.2.1 ???
This is strange because my regular Comcast email address has been working reliably for years and years, perhaps until a few days or even a few weeks ago. 
Confused Need Help!
most likely you have wrond account settings.
First please check if the setting on image below is set on your accout settings


Hi Rafael,

Yes, "My server requires authentication" box is checked.  The whole configuration is as specified by Comcast.  The following is curious . . .

OE 6 v.2.1.1 on Win 7 & 10, message SENT to my Gmail account NOT RECEIVED, message from my Gmail account SENT to OE IS RECEIVED, then if I REPLY back to Gmail, message IS RECEIVED!  So the Comcast SMTP Outgoing server worked only for the reply!

Note:  Original OE 6 on Win xp works okay

Maybe something has changed in Comcast relative to OE 6 v.2.1.1

What am I missing????? Confused
So the message sent from OE first time is not being sent to gmail.
OK, not i got.
Let me know the following:
1. go you get any error message when sending from OE?
2. is message being sent from OE? do you see them on sent items folder?
1: have you checked if gmail puts sent messages in spam

Thanks Rafael,

1.  No error messages when sending from OE

2.  Message is being sent from OE, and it is in the Sent Folder, but is not received by the recipient.

3.  I checked Gmail on line and the message is not in any folder there.

And . . . Sending from a Comcast email address to another Comcast address works okay!  It seems like something in Comcast has changed so that my original Outgoing emails are not recognized, but Reply Outgoing emails are!  Curious!  Note that my OE configuration has never changed in the past several years, and I have never before had this trouble.

Huh Confused  Exclamation
Its clear that gmail block them.
Are you sure that you checked the spam folder on gmail? its hidden and you need to click on "more" button on left bottom of your gmail folder.
Please try the following: whitelist the sender email address on your gmail acount:

Hi Rafael,

I have checked the Spam folder in Gmail but nothing is there.  In Gmail Settings, there are No Blocked Email Addresses.  I just ran the following tests:

1.  Messaging on Internet Explorer - from Xfinity to Gmail is received okay.  If I then access my OE Gmail identity, the message is then received okay on OE, and the message previously in the Gmail Inbox on the web disappears, as it should.

2.  But sending the message from my OE identity to my OE Gmail identity . . . It Never Arrives, and it never arrives in the Gmail webmail Inbox either.

Gmail and Bluehost OE identities are working okay.  Comcast OE identities can receive but SEND ONLY TO OTHER COMCAST IDENTIES.  Somehow it looks like the Comcast SMTP Outgoing server cannot connect with OE v.2.1.1.  I think this may have started a few weeks ago.

Have other Comcast people had this problem?
There is definitely something going on with Comcast.  I work as a 'mentor' for the company that hosts the web site for my high school class - and over 10,000 others.  Around the first of the year, we started getting reports of email sent from web sites but not received by web site members who had a Comcast address.  

We can see that emails were generated by multiple web sites, passed to the host's mail server (they use a common 'noreply' address as the sender for all email with the web site name spoofed as the From name), and sent.  And that we did not get any reject messages back.  Of the thousands of emails sent every day, most went as expected, but some (not all) Comcast users have not received any messages so far this year. 

There were no mail server changes, so something obviously changed at Comcast.  Testing is still going on, trying to find why some work and others don't.  Comcast, of course, says they don't have a problem.  For those which aren't working, there's nothing in their inbox, spam box, etc, and there's no indication for them that the missing emails were ever received by Comcast.  So far, it's possible that those who are receiving emails had whitelisted the sending address at Comcast.
Thanks so much RunAmok for your comments (and Rafael too)!

In your case Email messages not received by some, sounds like something changed with the Comcast Incoming mail server.  I can't be sure, but so far I seem to be receiving emails okay.  My problem is sending emails using the Comcast SMTP Outgoing Server, and the recipients NOT RECEIVING THEM.  And like you, I have just noticed this in the past few weeks.  Initially, I tried talking with Comcast . . . takes a lot of time and patience, but all I got was that they recognized an email failed, but had NO DIAGNOSTIC!  I couldn't wait for the "Guru" who might have the answers.

OE has a lot of flexibility as a client email program, it's a great tool.  This morning it occurred to me to simply change to another SMTP Outgoing server.  Google's (Gmail) is available.  Notice that you can click on Settings in you OE Servers Tab to setup the Outgoing server with its username and password (different from that used for the Incoming Server).  After making this change, finally . . .  my emails were being received by Gmail and Bluehost recipients.  It may be a little confusing because the recipient can see my message is really from a Gmail address, but this can be masked by adding your Name under User Information (and your correct Reply Address too) on the General Tab.  This way the correct name appears to the recipient and a reply will come back to you (and not the SMTP address).

However with more testing, I tried using a Bluehost SMTP Outgoing Server and the message just shows my Comcast email address as the sender (no masking needed).  So it works best.

This "hybrid configuration" qualifies as a "work-around", but I'd rather see Comcast functioning properly.  Perhaps I'll try to talk with them again, particularly having this alternative solution.  Of course I could just abandon my email address and use another, but a change would be painful since my address is so well established.  My account began way back when Comcast was first formed out of Bell Atlantic!!!! 

Would be interested in your thoughts . . .
Is your comcast smtp port an SSL port?
You may also try on smtp settings (on the "Servers" Tab bottom click "settings") specify the smtp username and pass there.
Please also confirm if you have used your full email as username. sometimes this makes sense


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