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Change install location to another partitioin
Just wondering if it would be worth it to use a program that moves any x86 (32 bit ) program from the default location to another drive letter of your choice.  It is used to free up space, and to archive certain programs.

The reason I wonder if the preferred install directory can be changed is if Microsoft does a major update, it affects thing the the Program Files (X86) directory and this way the program does not reside any more in that directory, but in one, say the D:  drive  eg   D:\Program Files(86)\Outlook Express  would be the new directory.  There are some programs that allow you the spot you wish to install the program into.  There is a registry edit that allows you to also make it so in the future ALL 32 bit programs would be installed to another designated directory.  And, there is also a program that manages to do that for you:

Some food for thought.

changing the path of installation files will make oe not work. and that because registry entries need oe in default path.
moving files location will not resolve win 10 update issue. because registry entries are being deleted after win 10 updates (major)
You can change the store path so you will never lose your emails.

Thanks! Just wondering since I moved the entire Outlook Express from the default to D:\Program Files (x86)\Outlook Express and works just fine running from there. I had to go into the desktop icon and change the properties to the new location and find the OE6 icon in the D: folder as well. You "can" change where Windows 10 uses as a default install folder. It's in a Windows 10 setting. I have also went into the registry and changed the registry entry of where the install root is, and changed it from C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlook Express to D:\Program Files (x86)\Outlook Express but if I go to re-install OE6 2.2.1 the place where there is an option to change to "install folder" is grayed out and you can't change from "your" programs designated C: drive letter. If that were changed to allow OE6 to be changed to a different folder one wonders of that would then work.
There is not as simple as it looks. OE uses many system files and system registry keys. That happens because actually oe was a part of operating system back on XP.
So this will not help to avoid deletion after win 10 major upgrades. Changing the executable path will not make it work correctly or most likely will not work at all.
You can change the store path (DBX Files) and export your account in IAF file format and after a win 10 upgrade you can get it like it was in seconds (install,import iaf file,change store folder)
Of course Restore tool does the job more quickly. Backups are always suggested


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