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Cannot send or authenticate email using POP or IMAP accounts
I was able to install Outlook Express on my Windows 10 system, but cannot authenticate my email account(s)
I get pop up to enter my email address and password
There is not a problem with my password and also tested at and Windows Mail 
I am testing my account and checked the server settings POP and SMTP settings
I also tried IMAP settings and get the same results
I also tested another email account - GMAIL - and get the same results
Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
Check if you have followed all steps as shown on guide below for (live mail):

then please confirm that have enabled the opetion marked on image below.


If you already did that and no success, please let me know the error code that shows you when you try to send a message.

Yes, used the correct settings in Outlook Express and it did not fix the problem

I also tried to delete the account and add it back to test the issue
Then please send me screenshots of your account settings on email:
So i can see whats wrong there.


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