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Cannot send. Only receive emails
Hello Thomas.
did this happened after compacting emails? If yes, maby the compacting failed.
I strongly suggest making a backup before compacting...

Anyway, now you may try:
Compacting again and letting it finish. (make a backup first)
Most likely your "Outbox.dbx" is corrupt. You may try to delete it and open OE again. (make a backup first)

The dbx files path (Email folders) is:
C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Identities\{IDENTITY FOLDER}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Hi Rafael...

Thank you! I will give this a go and see how things are afterward. I will let you know as soon as I can, but it may not be today.

Be well!

Hi Rafael.....

Here's is some feedback which may be helpful.

I DID follow your instructions for dealing with the Outbox.dbx file. All went well, but ultimately I had the same problem.

I THINK I fixed the issue, and here's what I did, and this is not the first time I tried this, which is why I tried it again.

I went into my Sent Items folder and deleted a bunch of very large files. I did not take note of the details, but it was a significant amount f data space.

I closed OE, opened it again, and tried re-sending a file I was keeping in the Drafts folder, and it sent with no issue, then I sent a large file I wanted to get sent (18375KB), and that sent successfully too.

I think there is some kind of issue with space allocation, where, when this folder gets so large, it stops the sending of more files because it can't allocate, or tolerate the storing of more 'stuff'. I'm pretty sure this is the issue.

Maybe this will help you, but if nothing else maybe it can be of help to others. It kind of does make sense. I did not have this problem with the original MS OE. Not that I'm taking no no no noooo....not at all! I'm pointing it out in case you get other issues with it, perhaps you can find a fix, or suggest this fix to others. Save you some headaches!

Be happy...and kind regards. I thank you for this program, and the hard work you do.


According to Microsoft, the following settings must be used for outgoing mail on hotmail accounts:

Server name:
Port: 587
Encryption method: STARTTLS

Question:  How do I configure "Encryption method: STARTTLS"

Thank you
fizixx, thank you for sharing that info.

kenshapiro, Outlook Express dot not support STARTTLS, but we have found that using port 25 (with SSL) works on acounts. Please check page below:

I've seen this error a lot lately. My account is an AT&T account, but when it starts failing I can change the POP3 server names to Yahoo (where ATT actually lives) and it works - for a while. Then that starts failing, and when I change back to the ATT server names it works there - for a while. My guess is that Yahoo (or ATT/Yahoo) is making changes, as I also see some strange symptoms when I browse to Yahoo Finance and the login function using my ATT login changes from time to time.
kenshapiro, you may check RunAmok's post here (page 2) for hotmail:


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