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Cannot send
After using runasxp Outlook Express for two years, now when I click "Send", the computer locks up and WIN 10 eventually closes the program (Outlook Express).
None of the Outlook Express account options have changed. I also have had Microsoft Outlook installed for over a year and must use it to Send. Outlook Express is set as the default email program. Any ideas?
Try reinstalling, normally will work fine.
You dont have to uninstall first. Just install again directly, so no settings or emails will be lost.

Raphael: After reinstalling "oex221_last_version.exe", the problem remains upon clicking "Send".  [program freezes, "not responding", must exit OE]

The reinstallation placed the files in:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlook Express\Outlook Express.exe"

The earlier installation had placed the installation in:
C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "Outlook Express"
which cannot be removed.

Which is correct?
the paths are correct. most likely you have corrupt email folders (DBX files)
most likely your Outbox folder (outbox.dbx) or sent items folder (sent items.dbx) is corrupt

please open your store folder.
You can find store folder path by clicking on Tools>Options, then click on "Maintenance" Tab. You will see a button "Store folder". Press it and it will show your store folder path.
open that folder and backup all files there. after that open outlook express and go to "File>Folder>Compact all folders" and let compacting to finish
then try to send again.

If you have many emails on your email folders (if any folder is above 2gb), try creating archive folders and move old emails there


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