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Cannot import oulook express mails or import an account
Happy new year.
I can not import - messages - outlook (Messages cannot imported from MAPI client An error has occured)

or outlook express mails. i select import mail from OE6 store directory and i receive a message after selecting the folder (No messages can be found in this folder or aonther application is running that has the required files open)

When trying to import a mail account i receive a message "The import did not complete bacause an error occured"

When i try to change folder From the tray i receive a message Run-time error'5' invalid procedure call or argument"

Thank you
Hello, Happy new year!
Please make sure that oe has successfuly installed (reinstall suggested in your case)

To import messages you must select on import menu the folder where the dbx files are. Try to copy them to another folder (like in desktop) and try import again.

To import account, iaf file must be exported first, in this case too please try copying the iaf file to another folder. And this because the folder you are trying to import may have not full permissions.

The error you got from tray may happen because you have moved mail folders to anoter drive letter (or external hdd). You can always use
"Tools>Options" on OE and click to "Maintenance" tab where you can change the mail folder there.


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