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Attachments to a message to be Sent
When I have map network drive then I don't see file on map network drive.
I use outlook express 6.0.0 on windows 10
Help me!!!

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Oe will not open network drives, but there is a trick to open your network share:
Click on "Insert Attachment" button,
A window will open to add the attachment,
On the File name enter your shared folder path (Like \\\share)
hit Enter and network path will open.

I have the same problem of not being able to see what attachments I have ready to send, if there is more than one line. I have reinstalled more than once, but still have the same problem. Yesterday I had 5 pdf attachments to send, but could not verify which ones were there or if I had missed any, because I could not see them. The little arrows on the side were of no use at all. I ended up having to use OE Classic to send them. They were very visible in that program. I don't use OE Classic a lot because it doesn't perform the way OE does in some circumstances, but it does send attachments fine, and you can see them very easily.
you can simply click on the message and then click "File>Save Attachemts"
A bigger window will open showing you all attachments

I'll have to try that and see how that works. Thanks for the tip.

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