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Address Book Fails (resolved)
I had to use REGEDIT to update the Windows 10 settings for the Address Book store location.

My Windows 10 installation was looking in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Address Book\ for the Address Book file as username.wab (replace username with the user's name). There was no file there and even when I copied one there it would not open.

CAUTION: Using REGEDIT to correct the store location created a new empty file for me. Be sure you have a separate backup copy of your username.wab file stored somewhere safe.

Windows 10 looks here in the registry for the proper information

|-----------------Wab File Name

I edited the entry for Wab File Name to be (in my case) C:\Email\Terry.wab and when that was saved and the REGEDIT closed a new, empty file was created as Terry.wab in the C:\Email directory. I then was able to open Outlook Express and utilize the Addresses button and also open any/all emails.

I clicked on the Addresses button in OE which opened the empty address book. I clicked on the File | Import menu and imported the WAB file from the backup file I had safely stored under another name. Seconds later I had my address book with all of its entries.

I'm back to work and all that I've lost was my Message Rules. I had an old backup of them but I don't know how to restore it and it only took a few minutes to just recreate the needed rules anyhow.

With all of my message and address book stores located in C:\Email it is very easy to keep a backup current at all times with simple copy commands, or in my case a simple backup program I use.

Glad to be back to using Outlook Express.

I hope my experience resolving this and the write up helps someone else.
Thank you Terry for sharing, i am sure that this will help other users.


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