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Accounts question
hello and many thanks for outlook express.
I installed and moved all my accounts ad emails from my old xp computer.
My question is , can i add 2 accounts and only use one of them for receiving and the other for sending emails? Is there any way to do that? I have 2 accounts now but when i send and receive it receives emails from both accounts
Yes you can easily Jay,

First open your accounts:
From outlook express go to Tools>Accounts and click on "Mail" Tab"

Click on the mail account that you want to send emails and then click on "Set as default" button on the right.

After, click on the mail account that you dont want to receive emails and click "Properties" on the right.
Uncheck the "Include this account when receiving mail..." and click OK

From now and on you can send emails from any of 2 accounts but the account for sending will be the one you set as defualt and the account you unchecked the checkbox on properties wont receive emails anymore.

Hope that helped

Many Thanks for help
you are welcome


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